Get Yourself Introduced to Gigantic Outcomes of Google Pirate Update

Get Yourself Introduced to Gigantic Outcomes of Google Pirate Update
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If you are successful in keeping a track of changes in the SERP by combining your own ranking along with feedback; both in SEO community and Google will extrapolate your needs by enhancing the ranking of your website. The introduction of Google pirate update is a filter that has been introduced around August 2012.

Use of Google Pirate Update

It has been designed to prevent sites with numerous infringement reports that have been filed through the DMCA system of Google to hold a favorable ranking in Google listings. This filter is updated in a periodical manner. When such a scenario takes place, in case sites have implemented right improvements may easily escape.

The filter has been programmed in such a manner that it may easily catch hold new sites that were trying to escape along with releasing of false positives. The Pirate Update that is similar to other updates like Penguin and Panda provides a downgrade to sites that have been caught for violating rules.

No Re-running of the Filter

Till date, Google has never re-run the filter due to which it is a bit difficult to get to know about its working in detail. It is true that piracy is a major problem for today. Though high profile companies fight piracy in an aggressive manner, there has been little success in defeating the functionality of Google.

It is obvious that Google is not at all producing any pirated content. The index of Google makes it possible to find out pirated content easily for searchers. Google Pirate Update reflects the fact that each and every concern is being listened and responded accordingly. It strictly penalizes websites that have been reported with comprising of a high volume of copyright violation reports.


Penalizing along with Reinforcing of DMCA

Along with penalizing, it contributes in lowering the rank of such websites. At the same time, the update helps in reinforcing the DMCA, i.e., Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The law considers it a criminal offense to bring up and distribute anything that has been duly protected by digital rights management or DRM.

This particular technology tries to bar people from robbing digital contents. It must not be taken for granted! Specifically online service providers along with Internet service providers are duly protected by the Safe Harbor provision due to which they hold the authority to distribute. The pirate update has been considered to be a win for artists as well as media.


Piracy – Hurts a Lot

You must know that piracy is as old as the Internet itself. It really hurts the producers of content. Whenever content of publishing houses, movie studios etc. is pawned off in an unlawful manner, chances of losing revenue gets higher. More aggressively privacy gets punished, better the world becomes into eyes of everybody.


Google Pirate Update – Does Not Remove Content from Website

The pirate update has been designed to penalize websites comprising of lower rankings rather than removing them from index in a complete manner. Take downs are seriously considered by Google. Though they do not publish pirated content, it is not about erasing the same from the web.

What Google does is once the law has been determined regarding occurrence of violation; the content gets removed from its particular index.

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