Google Fred Update – Hitting Low Value Content Sites

Google Fred Update – Hitting Low Value Content Sites
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Though Google will not at all comment regarding Fred update, but on the basis of recent analysis numerous sites got affected and noticed almost 90% drop in their traffic. This newly unconfirmed Google ranking update has been known by the name of Fred. Effort is being given to fetch the best from this particular update.

Collection of a Wide Number of Sample URLs

A wide number of sample URLs of webmasters have been collected that have got affected by this particular update. After going through a detailed review it is for sure that this particular update targets low value content sites that are responsible for investing of revenue along with providing the best assistance to users.

The vast majority of URLs that have been shared reflect the same type of websites on role. A content site comprising of written matters on various topics comprises of ads along with affiliate links that are sprinkled all along. Though not industry expert sites, they seem to comprise of content on a wide array of topics.

A Good Decline in Traffic

Such sites have been reported to fetch about ninety percent traffic declines from organic search conducted by Google. It has really proved to be a massive drop in organic ranking for such websites. There are cases where the content gets wrapped all around ads, where it becomes really difficult to differentiate them from the content.

While on the other hand there are instances where there is practically no ad; but rather there is a good generation of revenue through affiliate models, lead generation and other avenues. The SEO industry is going through an unconfirmed Google ranking update, that is expected target more quality aspects of the overall algorithm.

Confirming Algorithm Updates

There had been numerous chatter along with reports regarding changes that took place within the black hat SEO community. Generally, it referred to spam algorithm update all around links. Though many do not expect the fact that Google will be in an unlike manner to confirm algorithm updates nowadays.

But that will not at all stop people from reporting large shifts in search results that convey the fact that an update has taken place in the algorithm. Present day maximum automated tracking tools reflect significant volatility along with fluctuations that indicate the occurrence of an update.

Aimed at Assisting Users and Readers

As webmasters are constantly complaining about decline in ranking followed by rejoicing of increase in ranking, it is a fact that there is likely the introduction of Google fred update. Everybody is waiting to hear something informational from the side of Google for convenience. The chatter along with ranking speculation will provide you updates regarding the present scenario.

Many sites got hit up by issues like link penalties and other algorithms released by Google within the same time frame. On the other hand, there were a handful of sites that that stood ahead from the rest of the batch. It is presumed that Fred Google Update indeed hit those websites that comprised of low-valued content.

It has been done by aiming at revenue generation over the goal of assisting uses and readers.

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