Google Hummingbird – A New Search Algorithm by Google

Google Hummingbird – A New Search Algorithm by Google
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If you are a big bug of SEO, then you must have noticed that almost every year Google introduces some new search algorithm. With the help of a search algorithm, it becomes easy to retrieve those web pages that contain keywords taken into usage for search. It also assigns a particular rank to pages on the basis of several factors like keyword density and so on.

What is Google Hummingbird?

Google Hummingbird is one of them! Google started taking usage of the same around 20th August 2013. But on the eve of its 15th birth anniversary on 26th September, Google successfully announced certain changes. Gianluca Fiorelli, an acclaimed international SEO strategist clearly stated the fact that Google Hummingbird is not only about synonyms but also about context.

Though Google always remained a genuine holder of synonyms, but with the help of Google Hummingbird it has been able to judge context thus determining what is being tried to find out. Such a gigantic concept has been known as semantic search. Experts say that Hummingbird pays high attention to each and every word in a query.

Focus – Given on Each and Every Word of Query

Along with it, Hummingbird also focuses on the way each and every word makes up the entire query. Its goal was that pages that match the meaning of query definitely provide a highly fruitful output. Unlike Knowledge Graph, it is aimed at making interactions highly human capable.


To be precise, it has kept no stone upturned for human beings in terms of having a crystal clear understanding of concepts along with relationships between keywords. Google Hummingbird places higher emphasis on page content thus making search results highly relevant as well as pertinent.

Delivering Most Appropriate Result

Such an astonishing step ensures that Google delivers the most appropriate result to its users rather than simply a top level or home page. It is great to learn that Search Engine Optimization also changed a bit after the introduction of Google Hummingbird. Though keywords lying within the query are given high priority, high strength is added to long tailed keywords by Hummingbird.

Thus it can be easily made out that it effectively caters to the optimization of content rather than simply keywords. The usage of keyword synonyms need to be duly optimized with the introduction of Hummingbird. Webmasters now need to cater towards naturally asked queries. Conversational queries targeting phrases starting with who, why, where and how will definitely prove to be beneficial in terms of SEO.

Placing Values on Websites

Recent research reports state the fact that with the introduction of Google Hummingbird the ranking in search engine results has shifted towards placing appreciable value on websites comprising of quality content and web design. Hummingbird has been designed to have a deeper look into search queries in order to get to know the intent of the user.

It is believed that Hummingbird is the next natural progression for Google. As it goes on and on, so the rest of the search engines in the universe. Google desires to answer queries in the most understandable manner. If you are successful in keeping your website on the track, you will definitely carry on smoothly.

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